Let There Be Rock!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Robben Ford On A Saturday.

Back in early June of this year while we were still in the middle of making things fit into a smaller shop when I was still working at UEM, we had a CNC programmer named Manny that got tickets to go see a guitarist that he’d never heard of that was playing at the Brewery Arts Center right here in Carson City. As I recall, Manny is quite the musician himself so if he’d never heard of the guy I didn’t really think anything of it. So he and his girlfriend went and I went to the movies instead as I recall. The following Monday I discovered who exactly the unknown guitarist was that Manny went and seen right here in my own back yard. It was Robben Ford and The Blue Line. Trust me, that will teach me to not ask for names next time. My butt was sore for three months for all of the constant kicking myself there that I was doing. Please come back anytime Robben… pleeeeeeeeeeassse??


  1. I hadn't ever heard of him either. Sounds good to me.

  2. The way back machine. Scratch You are so appreciated. I really mean it. You and Sherry and Fair and so many others. Great writing and also great love of all the different situations people find themselves in. I am just crawling around. I haven't been on Blogger in Ages. Nite.Rust