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Friday, November 13, 2009

Eric Johnson.. Alien Crossing.

As far as music goes, I tend to gravitate towards guitar players first. True there are great drummers, bassists, keyboard players and other very talented musicians, but the guitar playing is the one true tell for me, if the guitar playing sucks I probably won’t listen to the music. To call Eric Johnson a guitar player- (in my humble opinion) would be like calling Ludwig Van Beethoven a piano player. It simply doesn’t do the artist any justice. Born on August 17th 1954, in Austin Texas, Eric Johnson first musical instrument oddly enough wasn’t the guitar. He and his siblings would learn piano at a very young age, until at the age of 11 when he would take an avid interest in the guitar and would soon find himself influenced by a wide variety of musicians ranging from Eric Clapton to Chet Atkins. He would experiment with several different styles of music taking something from everything he’d heard and incorporating it into what would become his own unique style. In 1974 he would join his first band before striking out on his own years later. Today Eric Johnson is known throughout the guitar world as nothing less than a virtuoso, and his early influences in music are clearly evident in the way he plays and the one word that many would choose to use to describe him would undoubtedly be; “flawless.”

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  1. Very nice, I especially like "SRV", what a great tune.

    Nice post,


  2. awesome guy! loved it, thanx Scratchy!